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page flip flash softwareOne of the major requests we have seen recently is the ability to create pdf/flash e-magazines or catalogs. There are several solutions available to you and at varying degrees of price. We at mark8t wanted to highlight some really great services you might have not heard of.  All of them are free, but there are also paid versions available. We have broken the solutions down into two categories Third Party (cloud based), and the second, self-hosted.

Third Party Solutions
Calameo: allows you to convert your word documents into attractive and interactive flip-page magazines. Calmeo allows you to  import files from your computer ( OpenOffice, PDF, or Word document) and you have the ability to  insert media, forms, or links. Calameo documents can be published online  or can be kept for personal use. Magazine is embeddable on your site.

DoXtop provides two ways to post your online magazine: upload your file (or files using the batch upload) or use their text editor to create one directly. Documents can be published online  or can be kept for personal use. Magazine is embeddable on your site.

Issuu Unlike the two above, there are no upload/hosting limits whatsoever on the free service. You can post/embed your publications anywhere online (Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, etc.) and receive detailed statistics about your readers. TechCrunch has been very complimentary of this company.

Other third party solutions to consider:  Scribd and .Docstoc

Free Self-Hosted
Let me first start out by saying self-hosted will be more work, but you own it. You don’t have to worry about a company going away and taking your archive with them. The self-hosted options we found start with the same source.  It started with Macc at IpariGrafika and the open source solution allowing for page loading via an external xml data file. Steve Palmer at 76 extending the software into something called PageFlip. A fellow named Brian Norman has picked it up. There is another self hosted version at  FlashPageFlip (with the option of a more robust paid script).

To make the documents to create the magazine, don’t forget to check out open office, which we profiled earlier.


Please note if you are looking for a free page peel away script, you can find that here.

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