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kumoA shout out to my fans in Redmond! Last night I was checking my visitor logs and I came across an interesting visitor (and referrer), from reading my articles about Microsoft. No point in you checking out (though) unless you work at Microsoft, because you’ll get a blank page. What is Kumo you ask? It’s a codename of the new Microsoft Search engine being tested internally by the folks over at Microsoft. It has been covered in a couple of places, especially at SearchEngineLand and its rumored to be going live June 3rd at SMX Advanced. This is exciting, especially for those in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Who doesn’t like a new product or challenge? Frankly we are excited by what we’ve seen and Kumo looks to be something that may give Google a run for its money. Nevertheless, it’s hard to judge without our own access. When Kumo finally gets released (in whatever form), we will make sure we give you the full run down…

Adrian Speyer

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