Google Maps: What’s here?

A couple of weeks ago we spoke about Google Local. We hope you took note and implemented this as part of you marketing strategy. This past week Google gave you another good reason to make sure  your business is listed they announced the release of Google Maps “What’s Here”.

How does it work? When you go to Google Maps, you now have a new option when you right click you have the option “Whats here”:


As Google describes it:

This feature takes into account the zoom level you’re looking at, and gives you the most appropriate geographical entity at that point. For example, if you’re zoomed in closely on Manhattan, you can get the full address of a point by clicking on “What’s here?”. Additionally, by combining this with the “At this address” feature that you may have seen in the left-hand panel, you can also see a list of the businesses located at that place.

I have added the emphasis in bold to make sure its clear. When someone is in the neighborhood, and looking for a flower shop, they can click “Whats here”. Bedsides getting photos and user generated maps, the customer will get places around that location. Not only that but the user will have the opportunity to “Explore this area” or search for something local around them (in this case flower shops). Now more than ever it is important to make sure you are listed with Google Local. Don’t let you competition steal way all your customers because you’re not in the game.

Adrian Speyer

About The Author: Adrian has over 12 years experience in Digital Marketing and Analytics. He currently works as a Marketing Manager at Vanilla Forums, a modern forum software platform that allows clients to connect and engage their communities and customers. He lives and works in Montreal.

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