Google Buzz for Marketing: Pass for Now

We wanted to wait a bit before we commented on Google’s newest releaseGoogle Buzz. While it’s interesting as a concept for keeping in touch with family and friends, from a marketing perspective we think its something to pass on. By integrating it so closely with one’s email,  people are more skeptical to follow those they don’t know. Its also not uncommon for many users to have their social network segmented into different compartments online, and Google Buzz seems to take this away. And while Google did get 150 Million users by making Google Buzz opt-in, most of the adopters of this type of technology are already into Twitter, and have  no interest in a second account, that (for now) they need to update separately.

Then there is the whole privacy fiasco faced by Google Buzz. It has turned off many users who have opted-out and will likely never opt back in.  And as the bad press continues it does not help their case in getting users to to adopt this new tool. Google themselves took the feedback, and  made several changes. Nevertheless, some of the changes are draconian, like you can opt out of Buzz, but then your whole Google Profile is deleted.  Personally, I think Google should examine a separate domain for Google Buzz like Twitter, and make it optional for your “buzzes” to be made available in Gmail.

Nevertheless, one area of Google Buzz is making some headway. Many sites are now adding a Google Buzz button next to their Tweetmeme integration. You can see it in action at Mashable for example.  Mashable is a blog focused on social media and has over 2.3 Million followers. Actually Mashable is the perfect lab to follow the integration of Google Buzz. Below is an example of their share area for an article:

As you can see, (and all over their site), Google Buzz trails Twitter and Facebook. It might change in the future, but for now Google Buzz has not got the same penetration. We still suggest you have your brand name as a Google Account, but beyond this, Google Buzz is not something essential for your marketing plan.

Adrian Speyer

About The Author: Adrian has over 12 years experience in Digital Marketing and Analytics. He currently works as a Marketing Manager at Vanilla Forums, a modern forum software platform that allows clients to connect and engage their communities and customers. He lives and works in Montreal.

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Sunday, February 21st, 2010 at 12:21