Google Toolbar for Mozilla 5: Solutions

Are you a big user of Google Toolbar? Are you also using Mozilla Firefox 5? If you have learned yet, Google has decided to eliminate support for Google Toolbar in Firefox Mozilla 5. As they note: “If you use Firefox version 5 or newer, you won’t be able to use Google Toolbar. ”

So what is a user to do? Google offers some solutions, but its not complete. So here are some “real solutions”. You can use the the Mozilla extension Compatibility Reporter, which after install, will allow you to enable the Google Toolbar. The other solution is to use our new custom Alexa Toolbar, or create one for your own use. You can then not only use your custom toolbar, but you can share with you customers as well. The best part is, you can ensure you have a tool compatible with Firefox 5 and beyond.

Below is the quick way to get our toolbar based on the Alexa toolbar platform. You can search Google, get Gmail notifications, check our Twitter and stay up-to-date on the latest from our blog. We appreciate your feedback and hope you enjoy it!

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Adrian Speyer

About The Author: Adrian has over 12 years experience in Digital Marketing and Analytics. He currently works as a Marketing Manager at Vanilla Forums, a modern forum software platform that allows clients to connect and engage their communities and customers. He lives and works in Montreal.

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